Five facts you need to know about the proposed BusConnnects service will have on Shankill village if it gets approved.

The proposed corridor would have a devastating effect on the character of Shankill Village.

  1. The proposed widening of the road will result in the permanent destruction of vital ecological infrastructure as 500+ mature trees will be cut down. This will obviously have a detrimental effect on the scenic and aesthetic aspect of Shankill village. It’s hard to imagine the place with all those lovely trees gone.
    The characteristic stone walls that line Shankill’s road will be knocked down as a result of the road widening. Again hard to imagine Shankill without these traditional walls.
  2. Small businesses in the village will be badly affected as car spaces for shoppers, the elderly and disabled will be removed. Jobs are obviously depended on shoppers spending money in Shankill village and restricting access will affect this negatively. Also there is a social cost (as well as financial) of not having easy access for the disabled and elderly.
  3. No proper provision is being made for safe, segregated cycling through the village. Cyclists may be forced to take a long and circuitous route skirting the village.
    So there is no guarantee of nice properly constructed cycling lanes that can be used for a relaxing safe journey for users.
  4. Three efficient roundabouts will be replaced by inefficient traffic-light junctions resulting in substantial delays for road users.
    “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” why get rid of three roundabouts and replace with them with something that doesn’t work as well?
  5. All this upheaval for very little gain. BusConnects claim that a 10-minute improvement in journey time between Bray and the City Centre may result but they promise no increase in bus frequency. This is not enough benefit for all the downside.

The link below is the page that you can place a submission with regard to the BusConnect.

Please consider giving me your support on Friday 24/05/2019 at the ballot box.

Kind regards
Michael Clark


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